Read the originally posted article at Podcasts are a great way to acquire information and learn about any subject, especially for those who don’t have the time or interest to read long articles and books all the time. Also, unlike reading, listening to podcasts allows a person to learn easily while multitasking. Content creators are recognizing this opportunity to get … Continue reading “TOP 5 CRYPTOCURRENCY PODCASTS TO LOOK INTO”


Read the originally posted article at The first week of February was marked by heavy downward movements for many digital currencies. However, the middle of the month saw some recovery, leading up to surprising bull runs in the fourth week. Bitcoin: Just like January, BTC mostly traded below $4000 throughout February. It had a weak first week, with a monthly … Continue reading “FEBRUARY CRYPTO HIGHS AND LOWS”


Read the originally posted article at In 2018, the blockchain landscape was a mix of negative and positive events that were in equal parts hectic, eye-opening and indicative of future developments within the digital currency industry. From the beginning of the year, corporations, venture capitalists, investors, and regulators were locked in a mash of uncertainty. While some would take the year in … Continue reading “BLOCKCHAIN STARTUPS TO WATCH IN 2019”

Bitcoin is Dead?

Really again!? ( ) Bitcoin is dead.. It has been said over and over again that Bitcoin is dead as you can see from the tracked bitcoin obituaries. People constantly toting Bitcoin is a scam, and the blockchain is a fad. The reality is that those statements are false or still unknown at this point, Blockchain technology solves many … Continue reading “Bitcoin is Dead?”


Read the originally posted article at Cryptocurrency mining is a decentralized way to issue and distribute new cryptocurrency while protecting ablockchain network from malicious activity. On systems like Bitcoin that use a Proof-of-Work consensus, mining involves confirming user transactions. In turn, miners are rewarded with a preset amount of digital currency. Mining equipment ranges from central processing units (CPUs) to graphics processing units (GPUs), … Continue reading “BEST CRYPTOCURRENCY TO MINE IN 2019”

Hackers Are Spreading Crypto Mining Malware via Routers

Read the originally posted article at BY: ELIZABETH GAIL Hackers are coming up with innovative ways to spread crypto mining malware. According to a new report, over 400,000 routers have been infected by a cryptojacking malware that specifically targets MikroTik routers. The attack, which was discovered in August, continues to spread. At the time, approximately 200,000 routers were found to have been compromised … Continue reading “Hackers Are Spreading Crypto Mining Malware via Routers”

What happened to Bitcoin?

Remember that thing called Bitcoin, the thing people were going crazy about months ago. What happened to that?… Shortly after its heroic rise, Bitcoin surely did what everyone feared and expected it would do and has done before. It retraced nearly 50% or more of its total value, this pattern and move has been seen before if you have been … Continue reading “What happened to Bitcoin?”