Tracking Networth Is A Must

If you were to pick anyone out on the street and ask them what their networth or savings would look like in exactly 10 years, many would have no idea where to begin even figuring out such a task. However doing so its not so hard, no more than some basic arithmetic. Before I lose your interest because I’m speaking … Continue reading “Tracking Networth Is A Must”


Read the originally posted article at Podcasts are a great way to acquire information and learn about any subject, especially for those who don’t have the time or interest to read long articles and books all the time. Also, unlike reading, listening to podcasts allows a person to learn easily while multitasking. Content creators are recognizing this opportunity to get … Continue reading “TOP 5 CRYPTOCURRENCY PODCASTS TO LOOK INTO”


Read the originally posted article at Bitcoin is still generating as much buzz as it did in recent years. If anything, more people are now learning about it. Unfortunately, the stigma of its use in illicit transactions on the dark web, including money laundering, the purchase of illegal items, and trafficking has left a stain that is difficult to scrub off. … Continue reading “DON’T MISS THESE 5 MUST-SEE BITCOIN DOCUMENTARIES”


Read the originally posted article at The first week of February was marked by heavy downward movements for many digital currencies. However, the middle of the month saw some recovery, leading up to surprising bull runs in the fourth week. Bitcoin: Just like January, BTC mostly traded below $4000 throughout February. It had a weak first week, with a monthly … Continue reading “FEBRUARY CRYPTO HIGHS AND LOWS”


Read the originally posted article at As the world of blockchain continues to undergo rapid development, several companies have come into the limelight. While it may be difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff where investment is concerned, some companies clearly stand out. One of such companies is HIVE Blockchain, a mining firm that seeks to bridge the current gap between … Continue reading “HIVE BLOCKCHAIN: THE FUTURE OF MINING”

2019 Stock Market Crash Pt. 3

Update from previous article seen here, Stock Market Crash 2019 Update Well here we are, the stock market has dipped nearly 1.5% on the S&P 500 and 2.0% on the Nasdaq. A quick downturn as such is almost too good to be true and most likely will have a slight rebound or leveling before going lower. If you have invested … Continue reading “2019 Stock Market Crash Pt. 3”

Stock Market Crash 2019 Update Pt. 2

Now if you have been buying the dip since I last posted. You may have noticed the market is now peaking over the $260 mark on $SPY. Its has been a sharp and fast recovery and that has me worried. The plunge it took late last year in 2018 will take much more time to repair than a couple of … Continue reading “Stock Market Crash 2019 Update Pt. 2”

2019 Stock Market Crash Pt. 1

The 2008 shook the world and caused havoc on the minds of millennial’s and baby boomers. Many millennial’s and even some the boomers have avoided stocks like the plague. Volatility and the fear of losing everything has completely overridden logic in this past generation. Many of the boomers who stuck it out through the 2008 market crash have multiplied their … Continue reading “2019 Stock Market Crash Pt. 1”

Study Now, Travel Later

This will be advice most will hate, but the truth is cruel sometimes. The current and following generations seem to have the idea that as soon as they finish High School that is their time to travel and take a year off to explore the world. As exciting as this may sound, its horrible advice and not a path I … Continue reading “Study Now, Travel Later”

What happened to Bitcoin?

Remember that thing called Bitcoin, the thing people were going crazy about months ago. What happened to that?… Shortly after its heroic rise, Bitcoin surely did what everyone feared and expected it would do and has done before. It retraced nearly 50% or more of its total value, this pattern and move has been seen before if you have been … Continue reading “What happened to Bitcoin?”