Study Now, Travel Later

This will be advice most will hate, but the truth is cruel sometimes. The current and following generations seem to have the idea that as soon as they finish High School that is their time to travel and take a year off to explore the world. As exciting as this may sound, its horrible advice and not a path I … Continue reading “Study Now, Travel Later”

Tracking Networth Is A Must

If you were to pick anyone out on the street and ask them what their networth or savings would look like in exactly 10 years, many would have no idea where to begin even figuring out such a task. However doing so its not so hard, no more than some basic arithmetic. Before I lose your interest because I’m speaking … Continue reading “Tracking Networth Is A Must”

Security Breaches are the Icebergs of our Personal Security

Read the originally posted article at The Titanic taught us about a fundamental lesson about icebergs: only a small part is visible above the surface. If we’re talking about data breaches, 2018 was the year we discovered the part of the iceberg floating below the surface.  Data breach numbers are alarming, but the consequences of these data breaches are what’s … Continue reading “Security Breaches are the Icebergs of our Personal Security”


Read the originally posted article at So, you’ve entered the exciting world of digital currency but you’re worried that you may be at risk of having your coins stolen by hackers. This concern is completely valid, and even some of the biggest players in the space have gotten hacked.  There are billions of dollars worth in cryptocurrency that have fallen … Continue reading “CRYPTOCURRENCY STORAGE SAFETY BASICS IN 4 MINUTES”

How Can Identity Play a Key Role in Secure Ecosystems?

Read the originally posted article at OPINION Take a second to consider how much someone would know about you if they had unfettered access to your phone. We store so much information on our phones that our mobile devices have become windows into our lives. Think about all the apps you sign into, photos you take, and texts that you … Continue reading “How Can Identity Play a Key Role in Secure Ecosystems?”

The Future of Retail: Identity, Payments, & User Experience

Read the originally posted article at The retail industry has had one of the most inconsistent recoveries since the Great Recession of 2008. Until recently, annual retail sales growth was sluggish as Americans pulled back on spending. However, the National Retail Federation (NRF) announced the strongest growth in retail holiday sales in 12 years at the end of 2017. Over … Continue reading “The Future of Retail: Identity, Payments, & User Experience”


Read the originally posted article at The amount of people who currently partake in cryptocurrency investment every day shows a rise in the blockchain revolution. It has been reported that trading tokens on platforms like Bitcoin and Ethereum add more than 100,000 users each day. Global funding of blockchain-based startups has also increased from $550 million in 2016 to over $1 billion in 2017. As the blockchain industry … Continue reading “BLOCKCHAIN EDUCATION AT U.S. UNIVERSITIES”


Read the originally posted article at Bitcoin is still generating as much buzz as it did in recent years. If anything, more people are now learning about it. Unfortunately, the stigma of its use in illicit transactions on the dark web, including money laundering, the purchase of illegal items, and trafficking has left a stain that is difficult to scrub off. … Continue reading “DON’T MISS THESE 5 MUST-SEE BITCOIN DOCUMENTARIES”


Read the originally posted article at The first week of February was marked by heavy downward movements for many digital currencies. However, the middle of the month saw some recovery, leading up to surprising bull runs in the fourth week. Bitcoin: Just like January, BTC mostly traded below $4000 throughout February. It had a weak first week, with a monthly … Continue reading “FEBRUARY CRYPTO HIGHS AND LOWS”


Read the originally posted article at As the world of blockchain continues to undergo rapid development, several companies have come into the limelight. While it may be difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff where investment is concerned, some companies clearly stand out. One of such companies is HIVE Blockchain, a mining firm that seeks to bridge the current gap between … Continue reading “HIVE BLOCKCHAIN: THE FUTURE OF MINING”


Read the originally posted article at There has been a lot of buzz surrounding cryptocurrency and blockchain, mostly due to the potential high sums of money that can be made in the industry. Recently, though, a lot of that attention has shifted to the blockchain applications of this technology across other industries. Niches have emerged around this shift, including blockchain solutions providers, Initial … Continue reading “MASTERCARD VS. VISA: BLOCKCHAIN PROJECTS”