2019 Stock Market Crash Pt. 1

The 2008 shook the world and caused havoc on the minds of millennial’s and baby boomers. Many millennial’s and even some the boomers have avoided stocks like the plague. Volatility and the fear of losing everything has completely overridden logic in this past generation. Many of the boomers who stuck it out through the 2008 market crash have multiplied their … Continue reading “2019 Stock Market Crash Pt. 1”

Hackers Are Spreading Crypto Mining Malware via Routers

Read the originally posted article at Coincentral.com BY: ELIZABETH GAIL Hackers are coming up with innovative ways to spread crypto mining malware. According to a new report, over 400,000 routers have been infected by a cryptojacking malware that specifically targets MikroTik routers. The attack, which was discovered in August, continues to spread. At the time, approximately 200,000 routers were found to have been compromised … Continue reading “Hackers Are Spreading Crypto Mining Malware via Routers”