Why You Shouldn’t Just Budget

Most of us are taught that money has value, and that this value is earned through hard work and time. Therefore we should be careful what we are spending on money on because at the end of the day we are spending our effort, our time for goods and services.

Of course it may make sense to budget to avoid sqandering your hard earned cash on things that are temporary or short lived. But what if I told you budgeting gets you nowhere.

Infact relying on just budgeting to increase long term wealth is for the lazy and incompetent.

Even though it’s important to watch your spending, just saving more by budgeting is not going to get you anywhere. If you save a extra $25 a week by budgeting, your cutting out $25 of your usual spending. That $25 may have been a movie you would have liked to see, or a coffee and breakfast that you would normally buy. You are sacrificing your own enjoyment to save a few extra dollars.

Sometimes this is the right move, getting out of debt I’d highly recommend coming up with a strict budget. In that situation any delay of paying off loans is costing you interest and taking a significant hit on your finances over the longer term.

But if you are debt free, and you are making a sufficient income. Then strict budgeting may not offer much value. Of course you don’t want to spend excessive amounts. But cutting out that coffee, snacks or entertainment a couple times a week to save a extra $10-$20 is doing nothing for you. It’s making your day worse to save a amount that really isn’t significant.

$25 saved per week over 52 weeks is $1300. It does add up, but is it worth making your week less enjoyable? $1300 over a long term can be invested and yield compounding results. But saving that amount makes you less happy or not as excited about the day then how are you going to perform? It may have a negative impact on your mood and earning potential.

You need to have something that gets you excited about the day, you need to put in 100% and reward yourself for doing so.

If you have no debt and you can afford a moderate lifestyle. It is then time to focus less on saving and more on doing.


Improving your skills to get that promotion, making a app, starting a small business, offering language classes or tutoring others. Whatever it is, your going to need that $25 a week to treat yourself for all the extra effort. Doing will always get you further than not doing.

By saving and budgeting you are preventing spending. You are holding your actions back, but this can only save you money not aquire more. By doing you are creating and earning, you are increasing your overall skills and value to increase your earning potential.

This is one of the number one mistakes made when people reach a point where they are comfortable. They stop doing and start saving, saving is great, but never should you stop learning or doing new things and seeking out other interests.

If you have interests and hobbies then you have the potential to turn those hobbies and interests into revenue streams.

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