Saving Can Be a Lonely Path

Building up your savings as a millennial is truly not that easy of a task. Often it can feel like your facing a very desolate path, saving may seem like it will limit your time with your friends and may not allow you to keep up with those around you. But this doesn’t have to be the case, there a … Continue reading “Saving Can Be a Lonely Path”

Simple Savings – Coffee Break

First thing I start my day with a lot of the the time is a coffee, I need my coffee. It helps me start the day and makes the worst of days even just a little bit better. Coffee is a investment to me, its a cost worth spending because it makes my day that much better. But often small … Continue reading “Simple Savings – Coffee Break”

Will avocado toast bankrupt me?

Lately there has been a lot of talk about young millennials and their expensive habits, namely our avocado toast. Not long ago, Australian luxury real-estate developer Tim Gurner is quoted saying “young people can’t afford to buy property because they’re wasting money on fancy toast and overpriced coffee”. As easy as it is to blame overpriced coffee and avocado toast … Continue reading “Will avocado toast bankrupt me?”